2012 McNair Program Scholars

2012 McNair Program Scholars


Aaron Alvarado
Hometown: Dinuba, CA
Major: Women & Gender Studies
Mentor: Professor C.A. Mama
Mentor's Department: Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies
Research Interests: What's Retaining about Retention Efforts Now? (Queer) People of Color & Retention
Update: Aaron is pursuing a Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Riverside


Rebecca Belloso 
Hometown: San Lorenzo, CA
Major: Environmental Toxicology
Mentor: Professor Ellen B. Gold
Mentor's Department: Public Health Sciences-Reproductive & Cancer Epidemiology
Research Interests: Critical Review of Bisphenol-A & Effects on Birth outcomes
Update: Rebecca is pursuing a MPH in Public Health at University of California, Davis


Gabriel Bonilla
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Major: Physics & Mathematics
Mentor: Professor Manuel Calderon de la Barca Sanchez
Mentor's Department: Physics
Research Interests: Angular Correction Functions of High-pT Hadrons in PbPb & pp Simulations
Update: Gabriel is pursuing a Ph.D. in Physics at Cornell University


Patricia Chavez
Hometown: Woodland, CA
Major: Civil Engineering
Mentor: Professor Lijuan Dawn Cheng
Mentor's Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering
Research Interests: Improve Fatigue Resistance for Concrete using Recycled Rubber
Update: Patricia recently received her M.S. in Civil Engineering from  University of California, Davis


Jhamere Howard
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Major: Sociology
Mentor: Professor Bruce Haynes
Mentor's Department: Sociology
Research Interests: Love Dominoes: The Mate Selection of African-American Women at Research Universities


Chris Allen Jenkins
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Major: Chemistry, Viticulture, & Enology
Mentor: Professor Susan Ebeler
Mentor's Department: Viticulture & Ecology
Research Interests: Effects of Vineyard Management on Metal Content of Wine Grapes
Update: Recently received his M.S. in Food Science from Washington State University


Lily Maclver
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Major: Community & Regional Development
Mentor: Professor Luis E Guarnizo
Mentor's Department: Community & Regional Development
Research Interests: Brazilian Transnational Experiences & the Globalization of Higher Education: A Case Study of the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program
Update: Currently pursuing her dual masters (MPH & MCP) from University of California, Berkeley


An Nhat Duy Nguyen
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Major: Biological Sciences
Mentor: Professor Sean Burgess 
Mentor's Department: Molecular & Cellular Biology
Research Interests: Cohesin Protein rad21L in Homologous Chromosome Pairing
Update: An is pursuing a M.S. in Oral Craniofacial Sciences at University of California San Francisco


Obdulio Ochoa
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Major: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Mentor: Professor Benjamin Shaw
Mentor's Department: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Research Interests: Investigating Efficient Ways to Burn Glycerol
Update: Recently received his M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 


Tuong Pham
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Major: Chemical Physics
Mentor: Professor Kit Lam
Mentor's Department: Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine
Research Interests: Genetically Encoded Small Illuminants (GESIs)
Update: Toung is pursuing her M.D. at University of California, Davis Medical School


Scott Alan Pittman
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Major: History
Mentor: Professor Kathy Olmsted
Mentor's Department: History
Research Interests: Scared to Death: Anti-Communist Rhetoric & Promoting Fear in California
Update: Scott is pursuing a M.A. in Ethnic Studies at the University of Texas Austin


Gladys Preciado
Hometown: Monterey, CA
Major: Community Health & Health Disparities
Mentor: Professor Bruce Haynes
Mentor's Department: Sociology
Research Interests: Healthcare Access in Rural Farmworker Communities


Susan Samborsky
Hometown: Woodland, CA
Major: Chicano/a Studies
Mentor: Professor Angie Chabram
Mentor's Department: Chicana & Chicano Studies
Research Interests: Emotional & Physical Abuse among Latinas
Update: Currently working on her M.A. Curriculum & Instruct at California State University, Sacramento


Deborah Scearce-Miles
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Major: Anthropology
Mentor: Professor Andrew Yonelinas 
Mentor's Department: Psychology
Research Interests: Virtual Environments & the Occurrence Real & False Memories
Update: Deborah is pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology at Fielding Graduate University


John Dang Khoa Tran
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Mentor: Professor John Harada
Mentor's Department: Plant Biology
Research Interests: Investigating the Interaction between the Leafy Cotyledon 1 & bZIP67 Regulators in Embryogenesis of Arabidopsis
Update: John is pursuing a Ph.D. in Plant Biology at the Michigan State University


Raymond Tsao
Hometown: Elk Grove, CA
Major: Biological Sciences
Mentor: Professor Dave Wilson
Mentor's Department: Molecular & Cellular Biology
Research Interests: Structural Determination of TIR-NB domins in plant resistance proteins
Update: Raymond is pursuing a M.S. in Biomedical Imaging at University of California San Francisco


Jay Felix Yu
Hometown: El Monte, CA
Major: Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Mentor: Professor Elva Diaz
Mentor's Department: Pharmacology
Research Interests: Identification of Apoptosis under MXd3 Overexpression in Medulloblastoma Cells


Rachel Ruixin Zhao
Hometown: Redding, CA
Major: Biological Sciences
Mentor: Professor Patricia Conrad
Mentor's Department: Pathology, Microbiology, & Immunology Vet Med
Research Interests: Investigation of the Feline Immune Response to Toxoplasma gondii Oocysts Following a Primary Infection