2017 McNair Program Scholars

Jan Tracy Camacho, UC Davis Mathematics McNair

Jan Tracy Camacho
Hometown: Suisun, CA
Major: Mathematics
Mentor: Professor Rebecca Ambrose
Mentor's Department: Education
Research Interests: Exploring the role of social networks in the persistence of STEM students in community college

Kerstin Fontus UC Davis Mathematics McNair

Kerstin Fontus
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Major: Mathematics
Mentor: Professor Bruno Nachtergaele
Mentor's Department: Mathematics
Research Interests: Grounds State Degeneracy of Two Quantum Spin Rings

Tadewos Getachew Civil Engineering UC Davis McNair

Tadewos Getachew
Hometown: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Major: Civil Engineering
Mentor: Professor Frank Loge
Mentor's Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research Interests: Estimation of groundwater withdrawals in California agriculture 

Viviana Hernandez Animal Science UC Davis McNair Program

Viviana Hernandez
Hometown: Hamilton, CA
Major: Animal Science
Mentor: Professor Frank Mitloehner
Mentor's Department: Animal Science
Research Interests: Dairy liquid manure additives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Zoreen Mohammed Biomedical Engineering UC Davis McNair Program

Zoreen Mohammed 
Hometown: Suisun City, CA
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Mentor: Professor Marc Faceiotti
Mentor's Department:
Research Interests: Development of genetic in-situ sensors for development in cartilage tissue engineering

Manuel Mora Molecular Biology UC Davis McNair Program

Manuel Mora
Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
Major: Molecular Biology
Mentor: Professor Frank McNally
Mentor's Department: Biological Sciences
Research Interests: Cyanobacteria and the biochemical binding regions of CBCR's

Minh Nguyen Chemical Physics UC Davis McNair Program

Minh Nguyen
Hometown: Westminster, CA
Major: Chemical Physics
Mentor: Professor Lee Ping Wang
Mentor's Department: Chemistry
Research Interests: Benchmarking DFT approximations in predicting thermodynamics hydricities

Andrea Ramirez Spanish Psychology UC Davis McNair Program

Andrea Ramirez
Hometown: Woodland, CA
Major: Psychology & Spanish
Mentor: Professor Katherine Graf Estes
Mentor's Department: Psychology
Research Interests: Infant-directed speech & adult-directed speech with bilinguals & monolinguals

Victor Rivas Animal Biology UC Davis McNair Program

Victor Rivas
Hometown: Whittier, CA
Major: Animal Biology
Mentor: Professor Carrie Finno
Mentor's Department: Biological Sciences
Research Interests: Investigation of putative mutation in GNA11, CASR, & TRPM6 in hypocalcemic thoroughbred foals

Gabriel Simmons Mechanical Engineering UC Davis McNair Program

Gabriel Simmons
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Computer Science
Mentor: Professor Nelson Max
Mentor's Department: Computer Science
Research Interests: Software Framework for Augmented-Reality Multiplayer Quadcopter Gaming

Clifton Sorrell African American Studies UC Davis McNair Program

Clifton Sorrell
Hometown: Hercules, CA
Major: African American Studies & History
Mentor: Professor Justin Leroy
Mentor's Department: History
Research Paper: Captivity, Power, and Resistance in 18th Century Jamaica and New York

Alery Tenorio Biological Sciences UC Davis McNair Program

Alery Tenorio
Hometown: Fairfield, CA
Major: Biological Sciences
Mentor: Professor Jeffrey Schank
Mentor's Department: Psychology
Research Interests: An agent-based modeling investigating the role of social grooming in the evolution of blood meal sharing on bats

Nicoel White Global Disease Biology UC Davis McNair Program

Nicoel White
Hometown: Fortuna, CA
Major: Global Disease Biology
Mentor: Professor Renee Tsolis
Mentor's Department: Micro Biology Immunology
Research Interests: Assessing vitamin A treatment to combat multi-drug resistant invasive non-typhoidal salmonella disease

Nathandis Wyley Electrical Engineering UC Davis McNair Program

Nathandis Wyley
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Major: Electrical Engineering
Minor: Mathematics
Mentor: Professor Hussain Al-Asaad
Mentor's Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Research Interests: FPGA-based real-time analysis of the effects of battery charging methods on the energy storage in small-scale portable devices

Susanna Zheng Psychology UC Davis McNair Program

Susanna Zheng
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Major: Psychology
Mentor: Professor Karen Bales
Mentor's Department: Psychology
Research Interests: Variation in cortical oxytocin receptor density in voles with differing amounts of parental care