2019 McNair Scholars Program

Susanna Barron UC Davis McNair Scholars Program
Susana Barron
Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
Major: Design
Mentor: Dr. Jesse Drew
Research Interests: Atomic No. 17: Downplaying the Insidious Effects of Chlorine-Bleach-Containing Products in the Cleaning Industry

Rosalina Burton UC Davis McNair Scholars Program

Rosalina Burton Andrew Ramirez
Hometown: Chula Vista, CA
Major: Human Development with an emphasis in Perception Cognition & Cognitive Neuro-Science 
Mentor: Dr. Leah Hibel
Research Interests: Sleep patterns and socioeconomic impact in Mexican American Families

Destiny Cambero UC Davis McNair Scholars Program
Destiny Cambero
Hometown: Monrovia, CA
Major: Biological Sciences, Minor Global Disease Biology
Mentor: Dr. Laura Van Winkle
Research Interests: Ozone Exposure Changes Expression Patterns in Phase I and Phase II Enzymes in the Lung

David Vargas Ezquivel UC Davis McNair Scholars Program
David Vargas Ezquivel Andrew Ramirez
Hometown: Gilroy, CA
Major: Human Development & Spanish
Mentor: Dr. Natalia Deeb Sossa
Research Interests: Deconstruction of the Admission Process in Higher Education: a Holistic Examination from a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)

Christopher Hopp UC Davis McNair Scholars Program
Christopher Hopp
Hometown: Madison, WI
Major: Aerospace Engineering & Mechanical Engineering Minor: Physics
Mentor: Dr. Emilija Pantic
Research Interests: Design of a Liquid Argon Purity Monitor

Jocelyn Huerta McNair Scholars Program UC Davis
Jocelyn Huerta
Hometown: Monterey, CA
Major: Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Joy Geng
Research Interests: Visual Priors for Object Identity Modulate the Auditory Capture of Visual Attention

Anna Le UC Davis McNair Scholars Program
Anna Le
Hometown: Vallejo, CA
Major: Psychology
Research Interests: LGBT+ Youths' Social Media Use for Online Health Information: A Study Using Behavioral Trace Data

Anastasie Lenoir McNair Scholars Program UC Davis
Anastasie Lenoir
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Major: Anthropology Minor: History 
Mentor: Dr. Robert Irwin
Research Interests: 2018 Migrant Caravan

Aliyah Iman Kleckley UC Davis McNair Scholars Program
Aliyah Kleckley
Hometown: Vacaville, CA
Major: History 
Mentor: Dr. Corrie Decker
Research Interests: Kikuyu Sexuality and Marriage in the Colonial era 

Alexandro Lopez UC Davis McNair Scholars Program
Alexandro Lopez Andrew Ramirez
Hometown: Woodland, CA
Major: Biomedical Engineering 
Mentor: Dr. Jean-Pierre Delpalnque
Research Interests: Research Interests: Regenerative Medicine, Biophotonics, Therapeutics, and Translational Research

Jessica Macaluso McNair Scholars Program UC Davis
Jessica Macaluso
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Major: Psychology with Biology Emphasis
Mentor:  Dr. Charan Ranganath
Research Interests: Memory Dilation Via Perceptual Bias in a Murder Mystery Task

Jonathan Marquez McNair Scholars Program UC Davis
Jonathan Marquez
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Major: Biological Sciences
Mentor: Dr. Peter Beal
Research Interests: Biochemical Analysis of ADAR 1 Mutant to Characterize Potential Dimerization Events in ADAR1

Daisy Robles McNair Scholars Program UC Davis
Daisy Robles
Hometown: Modesto, CA
Major: Psychology & Organizational Sociology
Mentor: Dr. Bradford Jones
Research Interests: Latino and Latina meta beliefs about Status Misattribution

Cristela Samaniego McNair Scholars Program UC Davis
Cristela Samaniego
Hometown: Porterville, CA
Major: Cognitive Science Cell Biology
Mentor: Dr. Sascha Nicklisch
Research Interests: Role of P-glycoprotein in Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neurotoxicity (CIPN)

Thomas To UC Davis McNair Scholars Program
Thomas To Andrew Ramirez
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Major: Biochemical Engineering
Mentor: Dr. Justin Siegel
Research Interests: Analysis of Beta-glucosidase B (BglB) Point Mutations for Thermal Stability and Catalytic Efficiency

Paola Vidal UC Davis McNair Scholars Program
Paola Rashel Vidal-Espinoza
Hometown: Modesto, CA
Major: Global Disease Biology 
Mentor: Dr. Janet Foley
Research Interests: Influence of Extreme Environmental Conditions on Survival of Two Lineages of Brown Dog Tick

Max Win McNair Scholars Program UC Davis
Max Win
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Major: Material Science & Engineering
Mentor:  Dr. David Donadio
Research Interests: Investigating Na-ion Intercalation in Amorphous Ge-Se Systems